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Should the EU-ITTO Independent Market Monitor et al focus on this?

Peak palm oil - is the market for palm oil saturated?

Surge in USA's imports of palm oil from Indonesia 2013-15

Woody biomass - replacing coal with wood same GHG emissions

REDD - deforestation and climate change

EU imports of wood pellets for fuel and Renewable Energy Obligations

Due diligence and the EU's "Illegal Timber" regulation

Link to

Illegal Timber

EU FLEGT initiative

FLEG and China

Which ten bilateral trade flows have most salience to international effort against Illegal Timber?

Overviews of the Illegal Timber imports of: Japan, the UK, and the USA (forthcoming)

A summary of China's illegal timber imports and exports

China's illegal timber imports and exports

G8 illegal timber imports and exports

Roundwood equivalent volumes and sources of trade statistics

Wood balance assessment





Benin Cameroon Central African Republic Congo (Brazzaville) DR Congo
Equatorial Guinea Gabon Ghana Guinea-Bissau Ivory Coast Liberia Nigeria
Sierra Leone Togo

Other significant tropical timber exporting countries in the region include Madagascar and, occasionally, Guinea. The quantity of tropical timber that these countries export is small relative to the leading African exporters. China is the principal destination for timber exports from East Africa, particularly Mozambique.


China Indochina Indonesia Laos Malaysia Myanmar PNG Solomon Islands Eastern Russia Vietnam

China Flooring IPO

Trade from Indonesia & Malaysia to China

USA~China timber/furniture trade

China and the USA's imports of plywood and wooden furniture

China's imports of "rosewood" logs

 China's imports of merbau


Belize, Guyana, Panama, Peru, Suriname


India (tropical timber and palm oil)


China's crude oil imports from Africa


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