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East Asia

East Asia
The primary focus of this website is on trade in tropical timber. Russia is included here as an exception, primarily because, like the forests of the great majority of tropical timber producing countries, eastern Russia's forests are being impoverished by corruption and over-exploitation. Timber exports from eastern Russia are defined here as those timber exports from Russia that are destined for East Asia. Indochina is defined here as Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam - the chart above excludes trade between the countries of Indochina. Rubberwood, which accounts for a substantial share of the wood raw material in the timber and furniture exports of a number of countries and which should not be described as tropical timber, is excluded from the data presented for Indochina in order to reflect the region's tropical timber exports.

Despite exporting increasing quantities of timber (much of which is wholly of partially tropical), China's timber exports are not shown on this webpage because a high proportion of those exports does not derive from forests in China.

Indonesia is one of East Asia's major exporters of pulp and paper - a sector not covered by this website, even though much of Indonesia's pulp and paper exports still derive from timber from natural tropical forests.