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China's imports of merbau / kwila (Intsia spp.)
Source based on: General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China

Logs - import value, by customs district

Nanjing and Ningbo are the leading customs districts and locations of importer respectively for logs.  The total volume of logs is fluctuating around a flat trend, a little lower than that of sawn wood.  Almost all is imported from "Papua New Guinea".

Logs - volume, "by location of importer"  

Sawn wood - import value, by "customs district"

For sawn wood, Shanghai and Huangpu (Guangdong province) as customs districts account for the great majority;  Baoshan, Pudong and Zhabei (all in Shanghai province), Shenzhen and Xiamen account for the majority as locations of importer;  the total volume is increasing strongly, and the as is the import value per unit of volume.
Each month, all or almost all is imported from "Indonesia" (presumably the western side of the Island of Papua), which prohibits the export of (rough) sawn wood.
One might expect that - if the SVLK (Indonesia's national certification scheme for wood-based products) and the VPA (Voluntary Partnership Agreement between Indonesia and the EU) are sufficiently well established and enforced to warrant FLEGT-licensing then Indonesia's exports of sawn merbau would not currently be at record levels (especially given the controversy with which Indonesia's exports of merbau - particularly to China - were associated in the mid-2000's).

Sawn wood - volume, by "location of importer"





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