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"Public Policies and the Misuse of Forest Resources" M Repetto & Gillis (1989)

"Increased Investment and Trade by Transnational Logging Companies in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific: Implications for the Sustainable Management and Conservation of Tropical Forests"
D Plouvier (WWF-B) & N Sizer (WRI) (2000) (available in pdf format)

"Illegal Forest Production and Trade - an Overview"
A Contreras-Hermosilla for World Bank Institute (05/2002)

IIED: (esp. China, Papua New Guinea)

Global Witness: (esp. Burma, Cambodia, Cameroon, DR Congo, Japan, Liberia, Vietnam)

Environmental Investigation Agency

World Rainforest Movement

CIFOR: (esp. China, Indonesia)

ITTO (including Tropical Timber Market Reports)


Marchés Tropicaux et Mediterranéens

"Sold Down the River - the Need to Control Transnational Forestry Corporations: a European Case Study"
Forests Monitor for NC-IUCN (03/2001)

"Economic Instruments for Tropical Forests - the Congo Basin case"
A Karsenty for IIED (02/2000)

"The Congo Basin" NC-IUCN (05/1998)

"Forest Foragers of Tropical Africa - a Dossier on the Present Condition of the 'Pygmy' Peoples" V Luling and J Kenrick for Survival International (09/1998)

"The African Bushmeat Trade - a Recipe for Extinction" Ape Alliance (1998)

Karl Amman ~ BBC Video on Africa's Bushmeat trade

"Non-wood Forest Products of Central Africa - Current Research Issues and Prospects for Conservation and Development" T Sunderland, L Clark and P Vantomme for CARPE and FAO (1999)

"Principles and Practices of Forest Co-management: Evidence from West-Central Africa" D Brown (ODI) for the EC (1999)

"Reframing Deforestation: Global Analysis and Local Realities: Studies in West Africa" J Fairhead and M Leach (1998)

FAO (2002): Central Africa and West Africa

"An Overview of Logging in Cameroon" Global Forest Watch (01/2000)

"Plundering Cameroon's Rainforests" Greenpeace (2000)

Republic of Congo (Brazzaville):
"Historical Dictionary of Congo"
S Decalo, V Thompson and R Aldorf (1996)

Democratic Republic of Congo:
"Forest Governance in the Democratic Reupblic of Congo: An NGO perspective" Simon Counsell (03/2006)

Equatorial Guinea:
"Small is not Always Beautiful - the Story of Equatorial Guinea"
M Liniger-Gumaz (1989)
"Equatorial Guinea - an African Tragedy" R Fegley (1989)

"A First Look at Logging in Gabon" Global Forest Watch (02/2000)

"Falling into Place - Policy that Works for Forests and People – Ghana" A Kotey, J Francois, J Owusu, R Yeboah, K Amanor and L Antwi for IIED (1998)

"Forest Governance in Ghana: An NGO perspective" Forest Watch Ghana (03/2006)


East Asia:
"Lords of the Rim - the Invisible Empire of the Overseas Chinese"
S Seagrave (1995)

"High Stakes - the Need to Control Transnational Logging Companies - a Malaysian Case Study"
WRM & Forests Monitor for NC-IUCN (08/1998)

"Shadows in the Forest - Japan and the Politics of Timber in Southeast Asia" (and others) P Dauvergne (1997)

"Stemming the Tide: Halting the the Trade in Stolen Timber in Asia" (Environmental Investigation Agency / Telapak (11/2005)

"China's Military - The PLA in Transition" S Kondapalli (04/1999)

"Forests and Forestry in China: Changing Patterns in Resource Development" SD Richardson (1990)

Forest Trends WWF International Forestry Review

"Timber Trade and Wood-flow Study – Regional Report" (also ditto for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Yunnan)
T Castrén for Greater Mekong Subregion Watersheds Project (1999)

"Logging Burma's Frontier Forests: Resources and the Regime"
J Brunner, K Talbert & C Elkin for WRI (1998)

"Banking on Sustainability: Structural Adjustment and Forestry Reform in post-Suharto Indonesia" C Barr for CIFOR & WWF (09/2001)

"Addicted to Rent: Corporate and Spatial Distribution of Forest Resources in Indonesia; Implications for Forest Sustainability and Government Policy" DW Brown for DfID/ITFMP (1999)

"Why Governments Fail to Capture Economic Rent: The Unofficial Appropriation of Rain Forest Rent by Rulers in Insular Southeast Asia Between 1970 and 1999" DW Brown (2001)

"Plundering Russia's Far Eastern Taiga: Illegal Logging Corruption and Trade"
J Newell & A Lebedev for FoE(Japan), BROC & PERC (2000)

"The Wild East: Trees in Transit - The Timber Trade between Siberia, the Russian Far East and China" BROC, Friends of the Siberan Forests & Forests Monitor (10 2001)

WWF (Russia) Southern Part of Russian Far East and Japan

Forest Trends (four publications)

Papua New Guinea: Masalai i tokaut, Forest Trends and Greenpeace

Solomon Islands

Brazil: Imazon and Greenpeace