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Global timber production and trade

This independent website provides information and statistics on the global trade in wood-based products, especially that from Africa and East Asia.

Companion websites provide additional, related infromation and statistical data - and

These websites provide insights into trade in Illegal Timber particularly in relation to importing countries such as Japan and the UK. It also considers how much trade is covered by the EU's FLEGT initiative.

This website can also help design REDD policy by suggesting which businesses contribute most to carbon emissions from deforestation and land conversion.

Overview provides information regarding the source of trade statistics and may be of little interest to the general reader.

provides links to the countries covered. It gives a link to a list of suggested reading and other sources of relevant information.

Other webpages describe China's trade in illegal timber, the USA's trade with China, and bilateral flows of illegal timber (this webpage also indicates which bilateral trade flows might have most influence on trade in illegal timber).

One webpage considers due diligence prior to an Initial Public Offering of shares.



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