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Sierra Leone
China's imports of logs from Sierra Leone
Source: based on General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China
Note: monthly source data in units of weight has been converted to volume for 12-month periods ending in 2014

Sierra Leone

The volume of logs which China imports from Sierra Leone has doubled since early 2013. The great majority of this comrpises "rosewood", most of which
is being imported for locations in Guangzhou.

Explicitly as a policy to halt the activities of Chinese loggers [-] [-] [-] (who seem to use property in Sierra Leone constructed with China's so-called "development assistance"[-] - implying complicity). Sierra Leone has banned (and subsequently lifted) the export of logs a number of times.[-] [-] [-] [-] [-]- which in part explains the temporary surges in China's imports. It may be that corruption shapes whether these ban are lifted. China is the destination for the great majority of the logs which are supplied from Sierra Leone.


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